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July 6, 2016

slip resistanceOne of the north’s busiest city centre railway stations were looking at platform safety recently, and Face Consultants were asked in to perform Slip Resistance Tests across a number of its platforms.

Face Consultants are well known for their flooring expertise, and were brought in to look at the tiles on four different platforms during daytime hours.

“We’re often contacted to test a floor after an incident, or when there have been complaints of an area being slippy” said Duane Scarfe, Operations and Quality Manager for Face Consultants. “But in this case it was good practice by the railway company asking us to come in before an incident, rather than reacting to something. It shows good due diligence on their part.”

While the UK railway is the safest in Europe, the rail network has been looking at an initiative to enhance passenger safety in stations.  Their stats show that in 2012-13 over 1,600 slips and trips happened in their stations. Their pro-active approach, along with Face Consultants’ involvement is obviously a sign of their commitment to this.


slip resistance

“We arrived on site and following our induction and walk around with the client, four locations on different platforms were selected to perform the tests on” Mr Scarfe said. “We did three tests in three directions in a dry state, and a further three in a wet state using potable water as a contaminant.”

He added: “We followed the same process across all four platforms, and managed to do the work within six hours.  All platforms were open and operational during the time we were there so it was essential that we cordoned off the locations, making sure our working area was highly visible.  As a result, passengers were able to navigate around us easily and safely.”

Face Consultants then created a report for the rail company. This allows them to determine if any action needs to be taken in any of the tested areas.  And with over 24 million passengers passing through the station each year, they’re taking the safety of a lot of people very seriously.

Slip Resistance Tests

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