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Are Your Floor Surfaces Safe?

Statistics show that there are 35,000 serious slips per year, accounting for over a ¼ of all non-fatal workplace accidents. That’s one every 3 minutes in workplaces alone. The estimated cost of slip accidents to employers is over £500 million and the cost to society is over £800m per year (cost to health service £133 million per year). [1]

[1] Health and Safety Executive, ‘What do slip and trip accidents cost?’, HSE Wesbite, [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 23- Sept- 2020]

With 95% of major slips resulting in broken bones the average cost of a slip claim is £14K.

Slip Resistance Testing - Slip Accident Statistics Graphic

Facilities managers, local authorities and building owners are under obligation to ensure the floor or surface of the traffic route is not slippery so there is no risk of injury to any person. This is enforced by the “Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992”.

Prosecutions under the Health and Safety at Work Act can claim fines of up to £10million. [2]

[2] Health and Safety Executive, Enforcement in Great Britain, HSE Website, [online].

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Slips and falls are a significant cause of accidents both in the work place and in all public areas. Using the pendulum method we test the coefficient of dynamic friction in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines. Locations or samples are tested in both wet and dry states, either on site or in our laboratory.

Independent Floor Testing

Face Consultants do not sell non slip coatings, anti slip matting or flooring etc. and are therefore completely independent. We have nothing to gain in either passing or failing a tested surface.

Our Slip Risk Assessment services can include: –

The test results and data gathered may be used for: –

Testing a Variety of Locations

Face Consultants Ltd can test in a variety of locations from hotels to sport centres and train station platforms.

Slip Resistance Tests on War Memorial

Slip Resistance Tests on War Memorial

A war memorial in the north of England was refurbished recently, and after complaints by members of the public that the area was now quite slippy, the contractor in charge of the renovation contacted Face Consultants to help.

Slip Testing a Station Platform

Slip Resistance Testing A Station Platform

One of the north’s busiest city centre railway stations were looking at platform safety recently, and Face Consultants were asked in to perform Slip Resistance Tests across a number of its platforms.

Using a pendulum Slip Tester conforming to, and calibrated in accordance with relevant international standards, we can carry out testing to check compliance with the following UK Standards;

We can also carry out testing in accordance with the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (UKSRG), our Operations & Quality Manager Duane Scarfe is a full member of the UKSRG.

Further afield, or on samples supplied to us at our UK head office, we can also carry out testing in accordance with the following international standards;

Surface Microroughness

We can also carry out RZ Surface Microroughness measurements as an addition to Pendulum tests. Although roughness measurements are not the same as slip resistance measurements, readings gathered can be used as complementary information regarding unusual properties or conditions of a floor surface.

In some situations, for example on the edge of a stair nosing or on the curved surface of a bath or shower tray a measurement of roughness may be the only measurement that it is possible to make.

Table 3 Slip potential classifications for Rz Surface Microroughness

Slip Potential Rz Microroughness
High Less than 10 μm
Moderate 10 – 20 μm
Low Greater than 20 μm
Above Table 3 from UKSRG Guidelines Issue 5, 2016

Interpretation of Rz results for pedestrian slip potential

Table 3, from issue 5 of UKSRG Guidelines gives an indication of slip potential in water wet conditions.

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