Slip & Skid Resistance Testing

How Safe Is Your Floor?

Slip accidents are not only far too common, they can also prove to be extremely costly. Employers, Facilities managers and landlords are all responsible for the safety of their floor surfaces.

We Can Help

Face Consultants can carry out slip resistance testing or skid testing to the latest UK standards to ensure your floors are not posing a safety risk.

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Slip Tests are an extremely important safety measure.

Testing Different Surfaces

We can test Velodromes, Railway Platforms, Runways and more.

Skid Testing

Skid Testing With Pendulum

Performing a skid resistance test at a Velodrome with the use of a pendulum.

Slip Testing A Dive Platform

Slip Testing A Dive Platform

Providing a slip test for a diving platform.

Skid Testing

We can carry out skid testing to check compliance with BS EN 13036-4:2011 which explains how to test skid resistance on roads and airfields.

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Slip & Skid Resistance Testing

Slip & Skid Resistance Testing

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