New Floor Slab Designed For Iron Mountain

January 31, 2017

Typical section through bonded topping slab.Global Industrial Floor design experts, Face Consultants Ltd have successfully carried out a significant floor slab design project for UK based project management consultants, Lysander Associates.

The Face team, part of the CoGri Group, were approached by Lysander Associates following issues found with a bonded topping slab at an Iron Mountain facility in Silivri, Turkey.

“The results of the inspections and surveying confirmed that the topping slab had curled and debonded, leaving the finished surface of 6,130m2 not fit for purpose,” said Chris Linley, Design Manager, Face Consultants Ltd.

“We produced a detailed report on our findings and recommendations for remediation, simultaneous to this a report was issued from the Department of Civil Engineering, M.E Technical University Ankara, Turkey and after a review period the advice of Face Consultants was followed,” said Chris.

The Solution:

Face proposed a fully restrained, mechanically bonded topping slab. With a minimum depth of 100mm, the topping slab was reinforced with 1No A193 mesh placed at mid-depth. The bond was provided by way of 12mm Ø bars, resin anchored into the existing base slab at typically 1000mm centres. Further restraint was provided by ensuring that the anchor bars overlapped the mesh reinforcement.

One of the main considerations with the floor design on this project was carefully managing the expectations of the Client. A bonded topping slab can only be considered as fully restrained and restraint against shrinkage is a leading cause of cracking in slabs.

“It was vitally important that as the End-User, Iron Mountain were made fully aware and accepted the risk of cracking being observed in the slab. We gave reassurances that any cracking that might occur would be minor and aesthetic only, with the width of any cracks being controlled by the reinforcement placed at mid-depth of the slab”, explained Christopher Linley.

“Once Iron Mountain were satisfied that no operational or performance issues would be presented, the detailed design went ahead”.

Iron Mountain specialise in data storage and information asset management, the group who has a turnover in excess of $3 Billion is the US owned global leader employing over 19,000 people. The Turkish location is one of over 1,000 storage locations worldwide.

For all your industrial flooring slab design queries, please contact a member of the Face Consultants design team on 01484 600090 or e-mail the team on

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