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  • Weight: 20Kg
  • Rechargeable Battery 12v 3.8Ah NiMh
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Dimensions – Box L-137cm x W-41cm x H-16cm
  • Dimensions – Assembled L-55cm x W-98.5-198cm x H-67cm

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Product Description

While it has always been possible to check longitudinal grinding within a defined movement area quickly and easily by means of a simple straight edge test, the same has not been true of transverse grinding without a Face Consultants surveyor and Digital Profileograph in attendance… until now.

The Transbar Meter is an invaluable tool to those who wish to save on the cost of grinding Transverse errors in VNA aisles.

Quick and easy to use, the Transverse Meter allows the grinding technician to check his own work quickly, easily and accurately, minimizing cost, maximizing efficiency and taking the guess work out of grinding.

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