QA / On-site Supervision

The primary purpose of our on site supervision is to ensure the floor constructed is fully compliant with the final design.

As a company specialising solely in the design and construction of industrial flooring, we can guarantee you an experienced and knowledgeable partner through all stages of your project. Our on site supervision team have the unique advantage of serving time within our international design hub in the UK, giving them an industry leading, holistic knowledge of flooring design and detailing, as well as construction. Our input can be broken down into three specific areas.


Measuring Property E

Prior to construction we carry out a desktop review of the flooring contractors method statement, quality plan and carry out a detailed analysis of the proposed concrete mix. On completion of the review we attend a pre-construction meeting with the construction team.

During Construction

Measuring Property F on site

During construction, we carry out full or part time supervision depending on requirements. During all stages of the construction, a thorough list of checks and inspections are carried out, followed by the issue of a report.


Measuring Property F on site

Following construction a final walkover of the slab is carried out to ensure compliance with the design and specification. A final report is then prepared which also collates all the on site testing done during construction.

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