War Monument Gets Expert Attention

October 22, 2015

War Monument Gets Expert AttentionFace Consultants aren’t just there to test and survey industrial floors, or business premises.  They are called out to a range of places where their expertise is needed.

A war memorial in the north of England was refurbished recently, and after complaints by members of the public that the area was now quite slippy, the contractor in charge of the renovation contacted Face Consultants to help.

“It’s an eye-catching and popular attraction” said Duane Scarfe, Operations and Quality Manager for Face Consultants. “So with many people visiting the memorial, public safety is paramount and a hazard-free floor is a must.”

War Monument Gets Expert Attention

The flooring experts were asked to perform slip resistance tests in accordance with UKSRG Guidelines, to check whether or not the floor showed high, moderate or low potential for slip.

“We visited the memorial, and there were three particular locations where we needed to perform the test” said Mr Scarfe. “Obviously, it’s a public area and pedestrians were walking around the memorial whilst we worked, so as standard we set up a very visible cordon to guide them around us whilst we carried out the test.”

“We used our pendulum testing equipment, and took readings throughout the public area to put in to a report for the contractor” said Duane.  “We were able to complete the test within a day and presented our findings back to the contractor.”

Face Consultants offer the slip and skid test in public areas such as hotels, railways station platforms, airport concourses and lots more.  If you want a test at your premises, or to discuss the other floor services that Face Consultants have to offer, contact them on +(0)1484 600090, or email info@face-consultants.com.

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