Educating China on High Quality Concrete Floors

November 5, 2015

Concrete SeminarMore than 25 representatives from leading companies in the search for high quality concrete floors, attended a seminar at the Somero Concrete College last month, which was jointly organised by Face Consultants China (FCC). Paul, Jason, FAQ1

The seminar was designed to share expertise in design, consultancy and testing of high quality concrete floors; and FCC were joined by Somero, Shanghai Dragon Towel and others, to discuss concepts, and share processes and expertise.

It was held over two days, with Paul Kelly, International Industry advisor of Somero opened proceedings with a detailed introduction of high quality concrete floors and construction techniques.

James Hong from Face Consultants China followed Paul and gave a presentation on “performance based specification”, presenting the differences from prescriptive specifications used in China for many years.

Jason Blackmore, Regional manager of FCC had a lengthy discussion with all the attendees on Modern Warehouse Floor Design on the second day. He illustrated common defects in flooring in China and the reasons for them; and highlighted why detailed design and structure design are vital to high quality concrete floors.

The seminar was wrapped up with a Q&A session, where Jason and Paul shared their rich experience and expertise on construction of high quality concrete floors.

Educating China on High Quality Concrete Floors

Hangar Floor Refurbishment David Shi, DM1

David Shi of Face Consultants China then demonstrated on-site abrasion resistant testing, flatness survey on Free-movement and defined-movement area with Face digital equipment.

Those who were at the seminar were impressed by performance based specification, modern design methodology, digital equipment and fast-track testing method illustrated to them, and believe it will be the trends for high quality floor industry in China.

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