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January 30, 2014

With over twenty years of experience in floor flatness measuring systems, Face Consultants are world leaders in the surveying of warehouse floors.

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My name’s Duane Scarfe, I’m Operations and Quality Manager for Face Consultants Ltd. Face Consultants are an independent testing organisation that specialise in testing concrete floor slabs for flatness, abrasion resistance on anything from an industrial warehouse floor to a supermarket floor.

We can test samples either in our laboratory or out on site in situ. Basically, we can carry out almost any type of tests that you might need on your floor. We basically want to get in there, we’ll carry out the survey, we’ll gather the data and get out of the way again with the minimum of fuss.

Keeping customers happy is a big part of my job and I do get pleasure from that. Face Consultants is called in, if a client is paying top dollar for an FM2 special floor slab, he wants to make sure he’s getting what he’s paying for and we can tell him if he is getting what he’s paying for.

Without a doubt Face Consultants are world leaders in any type of floor testing. If you’ve got a test that you need carrying out on a floor surface, be it concrete or vinyl, terrazzo or wooden decking, Face Consultants will help you with the floor.

My name’s Kevin Louch and I’m the Managing Director of Stanford Industrial Concrete Flooring. We use Face Consultants because they offer us the full range of specification testing assessments that is essential in today’s floor slabs.

If anyone’s interested in our services and what we just talked about then I suggest that you give me a call on +44 (0)1484 600090. I’ll be really pleased to talk to you and give you any advice you need.

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The CoGri Group, a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices on every continent throughout the world.

The CoGri Group, a leading international specialist in concrete flooring, with offices on every continent throughout the world

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