Surface Resistivity / Anti Static Testing

Anti-static is preventing the build up of static electricity. Static electricity is electricity at rest.

The electrical charge is the transference of electrons that occurs when there is sliding, rubbing, or separating of a material, which is a generator of electrostatic voltages. Some micro-electronic parts can be destroyed or damaged by Electro Static Discharge (ESD) as low as 20 volts.

Surface Resistivity

Surface resistivity can be an important factor for warehouses which use automatic guided vehicles or ‘Bots’. The consequences of discharge through an electrical component sensitive to ESD can range from erroneous readings to permanent damage resulting in excessive equipment downtime and costly repair or total part replacement.

Preventing ESD

An efficient way to prevent ESD is to use materials that are not too conductive but will slowly conduct static charges away. These materials are called static dissipative and have resistivity values in the range of 105 to 1012 ohm-meters.

Anti Static Testing

Surface resistivity / anti static testing

Face Consultants Ltd can carry out a surface resistivity survey based on your individual requirements or can carry out testing in problem areas and fully operational (non problem) areas to compare the results.

Surface Resistivity Meter

Surface Resistivity Meter

Face Consultants Ltd measure surface resistivity by using a resistivity meter. It consists of measuring the resistance (via an Ohm meter) between two electrodes applied under load to the surface being tested.

Further Considerations

Surface Gloss

Another important factor to take into consideration for warehouses which use automated guided vehicles or ‘bots’ is ‘Surface Gloss’. The glossiness of the surface can impact the bots ability to navigate around the warehouse. Face Consultants can also offer a surface gloss testing service.

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Surface Resistivity / Anti Static Testing

Surface Resistivity / Anti Static Testing

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