Relative Humidity Testing

Before moisture sensitive flooring is laid on a concrete base it is necessary to ensure any excess water from construction is dissipated.

The concrete is tested to measure whether the moisture level of the concrete has reduced to a value where flooring can be safely laid. The relative humidity of a concrete floor can be checked in accordance with BS 8203 (box method) or using the Protimeter humidity sleeve method.

The basis of the test is to use a hygrometer or probe to measure the relative humidity of a pocket of air entrapped between an impervious thermally insulated housing and the surface of the screed or concrete base. Sufficient time is allowed for the moisture equilibrium to become established between the pocket of air and the base.

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We can carry out relative humidity tests to see if the screed is dry enough to receive resilient floor coverings.

Basic Procedure

  1. Seal the insulated permeable box (box method) to the concrete using a preformed butyl sealant tape or drill holes to receive the Protimeter relative humidity sleeves and insert sleeves.
  2. Allow sufficient time for the entrapped air to reach moisture equilibrium with the concrete, screed or base.
  3. Insert relative humidity probe into the box or humidity sleeve and record reading.
  4. Multiple readings may be required in order to ensure moisture equilibrium is achieved.

Humidity Sleeve Method

Relative Humidity testing using the humidity sleeve method

Relative Humidity testing using the humidity sleeve method.

Relative Humidity Testing Box Method

Relative Humidity Testing using the box method

Relative Humidity Testing using the box method.

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Relative Humidity Testing

Relative Humidity Testing

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