Face F-min Profileograph

F-min Profileograph

Product Description

The FACE Digital F-min Profileograph was developed to check the floor’s surface regularity against the American F-min number system for defined traffic floors.

It measures the transverse difference in elevation as all defined traffic specifications but the longitudinal control looks at the elevation difference of the front to rear axle of the fork lift truck and sees the floor profile as the truck feels it.

The TR34, EN15620 and the ACI F-min Profileographs are identical and are the only true simulators of materials handling equipment in very narrow aisles. As the self propelled FACE Digital Profileograph moves along the narrow aisle, the sensor wheels travel in the wheel paths of the truck. Differential graphs are produced relating to the longitudinal and transverse profiles exactly as would be experienced by a real truck.

The data can be extrapolated to determine compliance with any F-min number specified.

The resultant differential graphs are colour coded, scaled and easy to read.

Please contact Face Consultants to measure your floor’s surface regularity against the American F-min number system.

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