Face DIN 15185 Profileograph

Face Din 15185 Profileograph

Product Description

The FACE Digital DIN Profileograph measures the wheel paths of a narrow aisle truck in accordance with the German standard DIN 15185 (in the outer 2 wheel tracks).

The extrapolated results, shown in easy to read coloured graphs, check longitudinal tolerances on 1m, 2m and 4m gauge lengths and the transverse elevation differences across the wheel tracks.

It is recommended that a continuous method of measurement should be adopted in all cases of defined traffic movement.

For continuous measurement the Face DIN Profileograph is used. The DIN Profileograph is a self propelled wheeled instrument which travels along the centreline of the VNA aisle taking continuous measurements both transversely and longitudinally as it does so.

The DIN Profileograph is adjustable so that the skates run in the wheel tracks of the front load wheels of the MHE. These readings are generated by the three sensors, which are set up to measure the longitudinal and transverse properties of the specification. These readings are collected on a data logger and are subsequently downloaded to a PC where our software generates the graphic traces and compliance results ready for inclusion in our comprehensive report.

See The DIN 15185 Profileograph In Use

The CoGri DIN Profileogrpah measuring the wheel paths of a narrow aisle truck.

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