Cover Meter Surveys

Using an electromagnetic cover meter the position, depth and size of reinforcement buried in concrete floors can be estimated.

Testing can be carried out in accordance with the recommendations found in BS1881-204:1988.

Survey testing may be carried out for the following reasons:


Cover meter survey example – Examination of Concrete and reinforcement bars

Searching for reinforcement using the cover meter

Searching for reinforcement using the cover meter

The search head is traversed systematically across the concrete and, where reinforcment is located, rotated until a position of maximum disturbance of the electromagnetic field is indicated by the meter. In such a position, under ideal conditions, the indicated cover to the nearest piece of reinforcement may be read if the bar size is known.

Experienced Operator

Experienced Cover Meter Operator

Furthermore the axis of the reinforcement will then lie in the plane containing the centreline through the poles of the search head. Please note potential loss of accuracy (which is minimized by an experienced operator) is due to many extraneous factors affecting the magnetic field within the range of the the covermeter and to other physical influences.

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Cover Meter Surveys

Cover Meter Surveys

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